The Learning & Development (L&D) offerings of the chapter further the members’ continual professional development journey through monthly GROW Webinars, Workshops & Master-classes, Reciprocal Peer Coaching Program and Communities of Practice (Launching soon).

We cater to the diverse needs of our members having different areas of practice, interests, levels of experience and learning goals through opportunities to develop higher understanding and integration of the ICF Core Competencies into their coaching practice, explore latest trends in the space of human development and broaden and deepen their coaching skills. We aim to foster relationships through community learning.

L&D Webinars:

The monthly L&D webinars are led by experts who are handpicked for their experience, expertise & ability to add significant value to our member-coaches. The webinars usually of 90 minutes duration, are co-designed with the chosen webinar leaders, being mindful of:

  • Relevance to the learning needs of the chapter members
  • Application based - leveraging on the expert experience of the chosen webinar leaders – through sharing of case studies, real scenarios, examples, stories and more
  • Experiential - we strive to enable participants to get hands-on experience during most webinars . When feasible & required, we plan follow-up sessions between the webinar leaders and webinar participants, with the objective of providing participants the space and opportunity to apply learnings from the main webinar and come back to share successes, pitfalls, questions and deepen their learning.

Our L&D webinars take a balanced approach to cover four important areas of Development for Coaches:

  • ICF core competencies development
  • Developing coaching practice / business development
  • Coaching skills, tools & techniques
  • Latest trends, developments & approaches in coaching

These webinars are a consistent way to gather ICF CCEUs that support members’ during credentials renewals. Check out details of our recent L&D webinars here.

Communities of Practice (CoP):

CoP will be virtual gatherings of coaches, coming together on specific topics. The objective of the CoPs is to provide dedicated development groups that dive deeper into the topic through sharing best practices, subject matter expertise, latest and emerging trends and tools. These CoPs will provide a valuable edge to the professional development of the chapter members by deepening their subject matter expertise.

The CoPs will be active learning groups led by volunteer leaders who will facilitate the learning and experience on the CoP. The learning methods could be webinars by subject matter experts, facilitated discussions, practice sessions and more.

Each CoP will host a bi-monthly (alternating months) session.

We plan to launch our CoP in the third quarter of 2021. In case you are a Member of Associate of the Chapter and interested to know more email us at

ICF Global also provides Member Coaches access to participate in different CoPs.For more details, click here

Reciprocal Peer
Coaching Program

The Reciprocal Peer Coaching Program (RCP) of ICF Chennai Charter Chapter is a flagship program, known for its learning depth, mentoring & meticulous planning. It provides participant coaches a great opportunity to:

  • Practice ICF Core Competencies
  • Gain Peer coaching hours
  • Experience and understand how a coaching engagement (spread over a few months’ duration) would work with a real client
  • Be mentored by a MCC coach

In its last season, it ran over 5 months with 40 coaches from the Chapter and outside, as well as 5 MCC mentors actively participating.

  • Coach-client teams (comprising of 2 coaches) undertook 12 coaching sessions (1 hour each) – 6 as coach & 6 as client
  • Participants had access to Mentor Coaches from the Chapter who provided mentor coaching (4 sessions / team) during the program
  • Mentoring was focussed on core competencies and learning/development and not topics such as business development, evaluating full session recordings etc.

The next season of RCP will open in the fourth Quarter of 2021. It will be a bigger program with greater diversity of coaches. If you are an ICF coach who is interested to participate in the program, write to

Learning Sundays

ICF Chennai Chapter has always held the spirit of learning, dialogue and discovery an integral part of its culture. We have a thriving WhatsApp community of over 150 coaches who engage actively in learning dialogues. Building on it, we launched a virtual learning platform in our WhatsApp group, where every Sunday there would be a new topic for learning. These topics would include a diverse range that includes coaching competencies, philosophy, ethics, coaching skills, business/coaching practice etc. Learning Sundays Discussions span through the Sunday, a day where most coaches could have mind space for reflection, discussion, debate and learning, with multiple perspectives emerging, thereby creating new learning for all.

We have had over 30 topics discussed last year (2020) and 23 topics in 2021 (as of May)

Coaches Coffee Connect

Member experience has always been a key focus of our chapter and keeping our member coaches engaged with the Chapter is a priority for us. After experiencing challenges with planning Face to face Member Connects in the second quarter of 2020, we transitioned into a Virtual format for Member Engagement. We launched Virtual Coaches Connect which was re-launched In these 90 min Connects, space was offered for Coaches to share their experiences with coaching in the pandemic times and also seek support from others in the community. It was designed as an easy, relaxed session that provides much needed support for our coaches. These sessions also had our own coaches run mini expert sessions by our own Members & Associates on topics of interest like Tools to support virtual working, Buddhist philosophy, Biology of Belief, Becoming a Coach Entrepreneur, Agile Coaching, Psychodrama etc. A wonderful platform for our coaches to showcase their knowledge & talents.

Based on the superlative feedback we received from our Coaches, we decided to embrace it as an ongoing feature in 2021 and beyond. We re-launched in January 2021 as Coaches Coffee Connect. Everything being the same, with a welcome of Bring your Own Coffee! It metamorphosed as an opportunity for members of the coaching community to interact, exchange information and share ideas. These monthly meetings are designed to provide opportunities for coaches to explore topics of interest together. The connect also features important ICF Global and the local Chapter highlights.

Thanks to the rising popularity of this event, we have coaches from other India and Global chapters join us, and walk away with learnings & new friendships! Anyone who is interested in learning more about coaching is welcome!

If you are a Member or Associate of the Chapter and wish to present at next CCC on a topic that you are passionate about, write to us at

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