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Welcome! As a leading charter chapter of the International Coaching Federation, ICF Chennai builds, supports and preserves the integrity of the coaching profession. We follow professional standards set by the ICF and adhere to its code of ethics.

Become an ICF global member:

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Members represent the highest quality of professional coaching. We are committed to helping you be the best coach you can be by connecting you with opportunities for network-building and continuous growth. Succeed in your coaching career by connecting with outstanding business development and professional growth opportunities, the local and global ICF coaching communities, and cutting-edge research.

The steps to become an ICF global member:

1. Check Eligibility Requirements at Membership Eligibility Requirements (MER) and view the video.
2. Join ICF Global
3. Select ‘Chennai’ as your preferred/affiliated chapter when you’re completing the online membership application.

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If you are already an ICF Global Member

If you are an ICF global member and not affiliated with any chapters or wish to switch chapter, please select Chennai as your affiliated chapter by following these steps:

1. Login to the ICF Global website.
2. Once you login, click “Your Name” on the top right of the website.
3. Then click “Edit Profile”, you will see “My Account Links”
4. Click “My Chapter Affiliation” and choose Chennai as your affiliated chapter

If you are interested to become a member of ICF Chennai Charter Chapter, please Join Us by completing the online membership application form below.

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Non-Member ICF Coaches who are seeking to engage with the Chapter can join the Chapter as Associates. Click here to know more.




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